新闻图片 Iconic 'Threepenny Opera' makes honest work out of corrupt capitalist systems in a rollicking musical theater production, 10月. 11月28日. 6点在穆伦伯格剧院 & 跳舞

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Joe Grisanzio plays Macheath and Madeline Burk plays Polly in the edbet官方手机版app软件下载 Theatre & 跳舞 production of "The Threepenny Opera," 10月. 11月28日. 6. 摄影:Maddi Whiting.

“The Threepenny Opera” comes to the stage of edbet官方手机版app软件下载 with an iconic score, 强大的景观设计, 还有反资本主义的谩骂. 导演 詹姆斯•派克 describes it as “‘The Godfather’ meets ‘The Office.’” 

“It has a cutting, hard-edged humor that I think is very appealing,” 派克说. Underneath this humor though, is an unflinching look at capitalist systems and violence.

The show follows the tension between crime gangs and the wealthy class in Victorian London. When Polly Peachum elopes with the ruthless gang leader Macheath, their marriage sets off a turf war with the elder Peachums for control of London's lucrative underground.

“The general aim of the show is to comment on these structures and effects that we experience from capitalism,” 乔·格里桑齐奥,23年麦克希斯的扮演者. “And how all of these horrible things that these characters do throughout the show are a product of a system that's working against them.”

该剧将于10月播出. 28日至11月. 在Muhlenberg的Empie剧院. Tickets and information are available 在瑞米伦贝格.edu/seeashow. The production is funded in part by the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Inc.美国纽约州.Y.

“The Threepenny Opera” features a score by Kurt Weill, including the celebrated song “Mack the Knife,” and book and 歌词 by Bertolt Brecht and Elisabeth Hauptmann. Only recently has Hauptmann been fully credited for her work on the book, 歌词, 还有这首曲子的翻译. 第一部作品于1928年首次亮相. 

The piece is adapted from John Gay's 18th Century ballad opera "The Beggar's Opera,由豪普特曼翻译. 

Peck directed “The Beggar's Opera” at Muhlenberg, and musical director 文森特它起码 为它创建新的编排. Both of them are working on “Threepenny” now. 

You can put a price tag on everything; even humans can be up for sale.


The design of the production goes beyond the aesthetics of Victorian London.  设置设计师 You-Shin陈 designed the set as an Amazon warehouse in a distribution center, built out of industrial materials. 

“You can put a price tag on everything; even humans can be up for sale,” Chen says. 当角色们站在舞台上时, they are the goods coming from these shipping crates that also act as the architecture of their world.”

派克说 that Chen’s design is particularly pertinent to the Lehigh Valley, where distribution centers are one of the fastest-growing industries. 

“It doesn't feel like we're just trying to make these broad societal statements about the show and about the world we live in,Grisanzio说. “但是edbet官方手机版app软件下载在说, ‘Here's a direct example of the message of ‘Threepenny’ happening in real life and in real-time, 就在edbet官方手机版app软件下载这个地区.”

In addition to the set, the costumes comment on the themes of the production in bold, bright colors. 设计师 丽贝卡·拉斯帝格 says the costumes are inspired by the punk street fashion of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. 

“Both designers have taken street fashion and reinterpreted it into ‘high fashion,’” Lustig says. “甚至叛逆的时尚也变成了商品.”

这次演出将由 安吉拉•鲍曼 灯光设计由 Kat周. 劳伦Koranda 23年是副主任, 塞缪尔·安东尼奥·雷耶斯 是编舞,还有 克里斯汀Zak 23年是生产舞台经理. 

埃里森·明茨 23岁,她在剧中扮演夫人. Peachum, says she appreciates the irony of the production.

“It's so funny to think that things that we use on the show will even be ordered from Amazon,明茨说. “And as much as we can say we like to hate the structures and hate the way that people are treated, there are still things that we need to use, and it speaks to the fact that humans are kind of rotten, and that is something that comes up a lot in the show.” 

While the show speaks to these serious themes, 派克说, at its heart it’s a highly enjoyable evening of theatre — a raucous comedy with a jazzy, 复杂的分数.

“I want people to enjoy themselves,” he says. “这出戏很有趣. 歌曲很棒. 这是个很棒的故事.”

Performances of “The Threepenny Opera” 10月. 28日至11月. 6:星期五和星期六晚上8点.m.周日下午2点.m.,周四至周六晚上8点.m. Performances are in the Empie Theatre, in the Baker Center for the 艺术, edbet官方手机版app软件下载. 

普通门票是20美元, 8美元青春, Muhlenberg和LVAIC学生8美元, 教师, 和工作人员. The production includes references to violence, including sexual assault. 推荐17岁以上观看. 门票 网上 在瑞米伦贝格.Edu/seeashow或致电484-664-3333.

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